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Helena Richardson-Collins

As a unique artist who grew up in country Victoria, ran a part studio, part gallery in the Docklands in Melbourne and is now settled in Bendigo, Helena Richardson-Collins (Helena R-C) brings an original style of art that has never before been seen. Using the Australian landscape as her inspiration and driving force, Helena’s artistic expressions have found voice in a range of mediums that, at times, blurs the boundaries between them.

With such diverse applications as framed silk landscapes, handmade felt garments, silk ‘Australian landscape inspired’ fashion garments that belong on international catwalks and boldly textured oil and acrylic paintings, Helena’s stand-alone artworks bring together exquisitely original concepts and styles that are filled with vibrant colours and rich textures.

With years experience in silk painting, Helena is an expert in this challenging medium. Silk painting uses a technique where a brushstroke, once applied, cannot be taken back thereby making Helena’s skilful choice of colour, space and juxtaposition critical in the process as her one-off silk pieces are created. From there, the framing commences, or the sewing process begins with a unique sympathy to feminine modesty and allurement not often evident in current fashion forums.

From achieving success as a dancer during the ‘70s to the point of being courted by five different troupes, to a successful stint in pottery and an uninterrupted pursuit of her first love of oil on canvas where her creations now rest on walls around the world, Helena R-C is a national treasure waiting to be unearthed. With her work increasingly becoming recognised both within Australia and around the world, this recognition won’t be long coming.

It was worth coming over from Hebden Bridge, Yorkshire England, to see your beautiful coloured silks, paintings and felts.  Gosh !!  What amazing talent. When are you ‘opening-up’ in London !!  Thank you so much – my daughter’s name is Helena too!

Jane Trigwell

- Yorkshire, England.

I have just recently returned from an eight month stay in France. I searched for a beautiful coat all over France and came home to find exactly what I was looking for, here, in  Llanvair Gallery! Beautiful garments Helena!  

Maree Johns

- Malvern, Victoria.

29October,2015.  Fantastic, wonderful shop. Helena is such a great artist, creative and original. Enjoyed the experience immensely.

Michael Knight

The choice was so hard, I like so many of your beautiful paintings. I can’t wait to put them on my wall. Keep painting I’ll come back for more.



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