18 View Street

Bendigo, Victoria

3550, Australia

M: 0417 146 488



    I have come all the way from St Kilda to find you, after falling in love with a coat I saw in Melbourne ( whereupon, I ‘accosted’ the lady ( wearing it ) to seek its provenance.  Needless to say, the ‘magic’ you create extends beyond this one piece I saw and I will feel honoured to wear your creations.

    Di Edington

    - St Kilda, Victoria.

    A beautiful shop filled with beautiful works for art, many thanks.

    Mike Stokey

    - Military Advisor for the Pacific - USA

    Magnificent,  beautiful,  wonderfully talented   : )
    Thank you for my happiness in a bucket – (painting).


    Elizabeth Versluis

    29October,2015.  Fantastic, wonderful shop. Helena is such a great artist, creative and original. Enjoyed the experience immensely.

    Michael Knight


    We have moved!

    Please visit us at our new location

    18 View St

    Bendigo, Victoria

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